Plus 1 Vote is a campaign committed to creating a democracy that is more representative of its people. The only way to get there is for more people to vote. Through on the ground organizing and digital campaigning, we are mobilizing voters to urge someone else to vote. By bringing a Plus1 to the polls, we are creating a nation of activists who are doubling their impact in the 2020 election.

Voters are motivated by the issues at stake. We are engaging the electorate and driving conversations through campaigns on Climate Change, Health Care, Gun Rights, Inequality, and Voting Rights.  

People want to make a difference, and a profound impact we can make is to engage just one more voter. We believe this simple strategy can change outcomes and make our country a more representative democracy. 

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Since we started in 2018, we’ve reached over 5 million Americans and partnered with groups like the Women’s March, MoveOn, Let America Vote, Center for American Progress, and others.

Whether you are a candidate, promoting a specific platform, or are seeking to change the political landscape, we believe the best way to make a material difference in this moment is to amplify the impact of your base: ask them to urge a friend, family member, or co-worker to vote. 

Come Election Day, we turn out the vote together. Who’s your #plus1?